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Why People LOVE This Book
Easy Solutions to Take Control of Your Workspace and Eliminate The Paper Piles and Other Clutter and Transform Your Home Office Into a Productive ‘Get Stuff Done” Quickly Environment
  • Many small businesses fail because they are so disorganized that they can’t see the large picture through the muck of the small details. Whatever your muck is, there are tried, true & dependable methods to get unstuck.
  • This book addresses the most common areas we get stuck; paper piles, time overwhelm, technology strangleholds. This book will help you clear the muck that is holding you back.
  • Being stuck in the muck can become a roadblock to your success. Muck is a powerful saboteur of creative expression. Muck blocks your ability to be free and bring your unique gifts to the world. 
  • Changing your office environment always leads to a transformation of your inner self. Change creates the space needed for creativity to flourish.
  • This book is written so that each reader can begin to clear the areas where they feel the most stuck and move forward into mastery.
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Here's What People Are Saying About "How To Master Your Muck":
"I don’t usually read or enjoy “organizing” books. But, this book is different. It's practical and powerful. It’s about organizing, yes, but also about life. So, the techniques make sense as ways of creating a more integrated and focused life. The book is also beautifully written and designed. So, the message of mastering muck comes through in both the lucid ideas and the physical qualities of the book itself."

Eric Klein

Dharma Consulting
"I would recommend “Master Your Muck” to pretty much anyone I know and especially to other business owners who work from home. There is something for everyone in this book! I am certain that people of all ages would glean at least several useful tips from within this wonderful book. I’m glad I read it, and I intend to re-read it to learn still more ways to master my own personal “muck.”

Debbie Roes

Incline Web Design
"I purchased and read her book “How to Master Your Muck” and learned some quick, real-life strategies to run my business a bit more efficiently. Even though I’m an organized person, she added some new techniques to my repertoire which really made a difference."

Tammy Rimes

Former Purchasing Agent for the City of San Diego and Inspirational Speaker
"Kathi's book How To Master Your Muck is excellent so get it, you’ll need it later for reference. Seriously the best organizer in all spaces. With the organizational skills I’ve learned from Kathi Burns, I have been able to save money, upgrade my lifestyle, homeschool, and learn social media. "

Juliette Wallen

World's Biggest Dreamboard
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