Organizing with Tetris®
A Guide To Clearing Clutter and Making Space
Organize your home using the principals you already use with Tetris®, the beloved puzzle game cherished worldwide, to revolutionize your home, workspace, and daily routines!
What this book will teach you:
What this book will teach you:
Drawing from the essence of one of the globe’s most renowned puzzle games, Embracing Tetris™ presents innovative approaches to organizing every facet of your home and unexpected corners of your lifestyle. 
Kathi Burns, a board certified professional organizer, and Tetris aficionado Morgan Shaver provide accessible, strategic insights, guiding you through the six organizational principles of Tetris® while peppering in delightful anecdotes about the game's legacy.

Whether you're tidying up, optimizing, or decluttering spaces "block by block," this guide empowers you to make decisive choices, aligning with Tetris-inspired techniques to elevate not only your living environment but also your overall well-being. 

With vibrant Tetrimino-inspired visuals, discover how to pinpoint problem areas in your home, from the entryway to the attic, and efficiently clear clutter with a playful, stress-free approach. Irrespective of your living arrangements, Embracing Tetris equips you with actionable advice to conquer the organization game, ensuring that, with practice, everything seamlessly falls into position.
Embrace "The Tetris Effect"
Research suggests that prolonged Tetris gameplay can alter our perception of reality! Leverage this phenomenon to reassess your surroundings and integrate new habits into your daily regimen.
The 4 Most Important things about this Book
  • THE INAUGURAL TETRIS ORGANIZATION COMPANION: Until now, an officially endorsed Tetris organization companion has been unheard of!
  • CRAFTED BY ENTHUSIASTS AND EXPERTS: Kathi Burns, a seasoned organizer, joins forces with Morgan Shaver, a dedicated Tetris enthusiast, to craft the ultimate game-inspired organizational manual.
  • SHAPES AND COLORS INSPIRED BY THE GAME: Employ Tetriminos (i.e., Tetris playing pieces) to categorize items and optimize your available space.
  • GUIDANCE FOR EVERY SPACE: From bustling kitchens and serene bathrooms to cozy dormitories and recreational dens, this guide will help to foster clutter-free tranquility throughout your abode.
Are you ready to revolutionize your surroundings and transform your life with the power of Tetris-inspired organization? 
Join the movement today and embark on a journey towards clutter-free bliss and harmonious living!

Take the first step towards a more organized, stress-free existence by embracing the principles of Tetris in every aspect of your home and daily routine. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlined efficiency as you unlock the secrets to maximizing space and decluttering with ease.

Don't let disorder hold you back any longer—seize the opportunity to harness 'The Tetris Effect' and reshape your environment in ways you never thought possible. Embrace the challenge, unleash your inner organizer, and discover the transformative impact of organizing with Tetris.

Join us in the quest for organizational excellence and experience the satisfaction of watching everything fall into place. Your journey to a clutter-free paradise begins now—embrace Tetris-inspired organization and unlock the potential of your space today!
Unlock the transformative power of Tetris-inspired organization techniques today and say goodbye to clutter for good. Embrace the challenge, reshape your environment, and watch everything fall into place.
One small, seemingly insignificant change in your home, will lead to larger than life results; more peace, less stress and more free time.
About The Authors
Kathi Burns CPO
Kathi is a speaker & the founder of Organized and Energized! ~ a Professional Organizing & Image Consultancy.

After sailing as a licensed captain and living full time out of a duffle bag, Kathi realized the importance of living small and being organized. In 2004 Kathi launched her organizing and image consultancy. 

The following year, Good Morning America featured Kathi as a successful woman business owner.

Since then, Kathi has written three books and co-authored 4 more books. She is also the creator of several online organizational training programs.

As an organizing, image and productivity expert, Kathi’s advice has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine and more. She is a frequently called upon guest expert for Fox, NBC and CW6 News

Kathi’s mission is to help clients remove their exterior obstacles and unnecessary baggage so that they can create a life of purpose, ease, joy and success.
Morgan Shaver
Morgan is a writer and Tetris enthusiast who's written a plethora of articles for the official Tetris website. Morgan currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Prima Games where they write about all things video games.
What Readers Say 
  • Kathi Burns does an excellent job of providing helpful strategies for sorting items and deciding what to keep and what not to keep.To make it easier to tackle one space at a time, she devotes a chapter to each room in your house or apartment, and even tackles the attic, garage and basement.
  • She really does a number on the kitchen, with extra information about organizing drawers, the refrigerator, dishwasher, pantry (if you're lucky enough to have one), plus a baking zone, a homework zone, and even a breakfast bar and lunch zone. The graphics do a good job of picturing how to take advantage of her suggestions. I don't play tetris; but for those who do, there is plenty of information about how to play the game.   Marjorie Saulson
  • Tetris is the only video game I would dream about after playing. Now that I'm older I dream of an organized home where everything has a place and where everything is puzzled away in harmony. This book is gorgeous. I love the room by room approach to organization. Small, doable pieces. 
  • The initial inspiration I took from this book was to tackle my dreaded under sink cabinets. I know now what I have (or have numerous duplicates of) and what I don't. The under sink is "tetrised" in a way where the most used items are most available and are grouped together by type or application. It could still be more beautiful but I know where everything is what I have. I can't wait to keep working my way through the book and my life.   Bianca Lara 
  • Fantastic Organizational Tool! I Just received this book and I am obsessed with it. This book is perfect for anyone that struggles with organizing. I loved that it goes room by room and gives me a new way to organize my entire home. The Tetris way is brilliant and I can't wait to put it into practice. The book has lots of great pictures so that I can visualize how my newly organized home will look.  Cam
  • Gorgeous book packed full of helpful organizational tips and tricks complemented by tons of fun little sections with facts and info about Tetris. All in all, this is a must-have for any Tetris lover, or anyone simply looking to organize their home in fun, creative ways.   Megan